What is Sunflower Talk?

S u n f l o w e r  talk is raw and rare.

Sunflower facts: 

The sunflower is the ONLY flower with the word “flower” in its name. Sunflowers are honest. 

They symbolize Faith. Loyalty. Adoration. 

They follow the sun.

Sunflowers grow FAST and tall. No, I’m not tall… but when I wear heels I am!

A sunflower can produce up to 2000 seeds! I like seeds. 


I chose the title S u n f l o w e r Talk because I want the person reading this to be curious. I speak in metaphors more than I speak realism. But It’s honest. I’m honest. I figure if I’m going to share my journey with anyone I may as well be all me, and go all out. I’m not “an average girl trying to find her place in the world.” I know my place in the world, and I am not average.

I don’t believe in average.

Throw all the statistics out there that you like, but I don’t believe in statistics either.

I also don’t believe in boxes.

I LOVE BOXES though. They are one of my favorite things ever. Guess why I like boxes so much? Because I can empty them! Empty boxes are the best. You can fill, empty, and refill them whenever you want to. I prefer mine to be empty.

Like everyone else, I too, am a mystery.

I want someone to go exploring with me!

Let’s take a hike through words and symbols and poetic mountains. I like exploring out loud. 

With love and sincerity,
-The Talking Sunflower

For more background information regarding the title S u n f l o w e r Talk, visit my featured post: Everyone Has a story. This is mine.


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