What is Sunflower Talk?

S u n f l o w e r  talk is raw and rare.

Sunflower facts: 

The sunflower is the ONLY flower with the word “flower” in its name. Sunflowers are honest. 

They symbolize Faith. Loyalty. Adoration. 

They follow the sun.

Sunflowers grow FAST and tall.

A sunflower can produce up to 2000 seeds! I like planting seeds.


I don’t believe in average.

Shout all the statistics out there that you like, but I don’t believe in statistics either.

I also don’t believe in boxes.

Empty boxes are the best. You can fill, empty, and refill them whenever you want to.

I prefer mine to be empty.

I enjoy exploring the power of words.

It’s better when the world explores it’s powers together.

With love and sincerity,
-The Talking Sunflower

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