He says “you are my flower”

He says “you are my flower” like the words are easy on his tongue. I’ll have you know that words don’t come so easily for him. He is like a light in a dark tunnel, always reaching out to blanket you. His  touch is always available and ready to catch every tear you’ll ever cry.

He is mine, but he is yours too. He loves intentionally and fiercely. He wakes up to give all the love he has ever received, and I wouldn’t want him to give all of it to me.

I am the one he comes home to, but he will love you, too. He will love anyone who needs love. He gives directions with his listening ears, and lifts those who struggle to find their feet.

Usually these words would be spoken of God, and to your surprise, this time their not. This is the man I’ll marry eleven days from today. A man whose heart is so close to Jesus, if Jesus were walking among us, it would be hard to tell them apart.

unnamed (1).jpg

I’ve spent this day reflecting and attempting to better understand him.

This man’s love language is quality time. Mine is not. My love language is words of affirmation, and so like I mentioned above, he has a hard time learning my language. I’ve had an even harder time learning his.

So today I am his flower, and tonight we are eating ice-cream while creating something interesting out of wood together. No phones. No computers. No distractions. Tonight is two imperfect people learning to truly love one another.

If you live to give anything, give love.


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