Whispers from God

This morning was a tightrope held out for my acrobatic emotions. This time though, it had a function outside of self-entertainment. My morning was AMAZING.

Normally I wake up around 5, leave the house by 5:45, and then drive 30 minutes to a coffee shop on the other side of the bridge. I have a thing for early mornings, good coffee, and conversations with God. Thankfully the three of us typically get along pretty well.

Today was a different story.

  • I woke up late.
  • Almost cried because I was stressed from rushing out the door.
  • Didn’t leave the house until closer to 6.
  • My incredibly patient fiance was late to work.
  • My legs didn’t stop cramping until sometime close to 7 when I realized I could breathe if I wanted to.

BUT I made it to the coffee shop! And…

  • I forgot my bible.
  • I didn’t feel like reading.
  • I didn’t feel like writing.
  • I didn’t even feel like drinking coffee.

And all I had with me was a book. The book I really didn’t feel like reading this morning because I knew it would take too much brain capacity that I didn’t want to hand over.

Suddenly a man without a leg walked into the coffee shop and told me how pretty I was. He then proceeded to compliment my boots, and honestly… he got way too close for comfort. The owner of the shop (who is a friend of mine) noticed the man right away and followed him as he went to the back to wash his hands. The man tried to trade a watch for a banana. The owner declined the offer and gave him a banana anyways. He then walked the man outside and explained how to get to the nearest bus stop. I’m really grateful for my friend.

I learned an important lesson in that uncomfortable situation.

  1. I could have handled it WAY better than I did.
  2. I could have prayed for that man.
  3. I could have turned away from fear and told the man about Jesus.
  4. I could have paid for a cup of coffee.

But I didn’t. And that’s okay. I’m glad I don’t always get it right because I can tell you that I heard from The Lord this morning. He showed me better ways to handle a situation like the one I was in. I had the opportunity to pray and ask for wisdom, and I had the honor of soaking in God’s presence this morning as He taught me how to better face my fears in the future.

After he left, I read my book. I read all the way into Chapter 2. The book is titled, The Five Love Languages, and boy did I learn a lesson in those two short chapters. My primary love language is words of affirmation.

You don’t understand… This is a life-changing thing to know about myself. I’ve been feeling down in the dumps these last few weeks and it’s because I KNOW MY FIANCE LOVES ME… But I haven’t felt loved. Before you judge, please note that I am FULLY aware that love is a choice and not a feeling. That doesn’t change the fact that we all seek the feeling of love, and whether or not we like it or agree with it, we all need it to a certain degree (Lord, correct me if I’m wrong). Seriously though! Love starts by falling in love, and over time the feeling fades or lessens, or whatever. Regardless of where it goes, it goes somewhere. I am fully convinced that knowing how to love the person you love will –  for lack of a better word – “Shepard” the love you long to give, in the right direction. The way people give and receive love is not always the same.

Praise God that I finally understand this character trait of mine. Not so I can “teach” my spouse how to love me, but so I can receive the words of affirmation that The Lord has been trying to speak to me. Understanding my primary love language allowed me to accept that part of who I am, and it opened my ears to hear affirming words at their loudest decibel.

Now, for the grand finale! It’s not about what you learn, but how you apply it that matters. Let your mistakes motivate you to give and receive LOVE.

My morning continued:

  • I let a 13-year-old girl know that she was beautiful.
  • Gave a homeless woman my coat and scarf.

The grand finale seems pretty great, but the good news that followed those two things was EVEN BETTER.

While I was sitting in my car I heard a whisper from The Lord.

He said, “Thank you.”



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