Whisper in My Ear


She tapes the flower.

She walks the line.

She finds what we believe is too hard to find.

She draws the circle. She sees the circle. She seeks the circle.

She believes in God.

She is a yellow masterpiece made out of a flower; Like the sun she shines and with the sun she rises. Even the wind finds no compromise within her.

We live to learn every day, and when we don’t learn we are turned off or shut down, or blinded. The opportunity to learn is in every moment; It’s the whispering draw forward. It’s the line that can’t help but turn and turn and turn until it’s where it once began gazing at itself from a transformed perspective. The circle that is in every form of life is in the blood. It’s in the trees, in the snowflakes, and in the seeds. It’s inside of you and it’s inside of me, forever in motion to understand itself better or differently, because nothing stays the same while traveling.

It’s the purest kind of worship.


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