I Will Believe

I Will Believe

My love I found you;
A grounded meadow of roots without trees,
And the bleeding can be seen a thousand miles away.

Today is a trap,
Strapped to disbelief of tomorrow.
And then there is God who recovers,
Meeting with the broken on solid earth.

Oh earth do you hear?
Do you smell?
Can you learn my smile from the stone cold breeze?
Feel my hand through a leaf?
Can you make me believe?

Oh earth,
Do you know the number of the sand?
Can you hold my hand?
Oh earth can you stand?
With me underneath the sycamore tree,
Can you stand?

Beneath all my unbelief,
Are you listening?
I say, listen to me please.

Oh God I know you see me,
Sitting with my enemies,
Standing against the fear inside of me.
My body is resting in your embrace,
Oh God, I know you know the heart of this place.

In space,
Do you roam searching for love?
Or do you wait?
Oh God,
Patiently you wait for believing hearts.

I’ll begin trusting in the smiling breeze,
Cold but alive it speaks to me,
And I’ll understand.

Oh God
I will believe while you stand with me.

I will believe,
Baneath my unbelief,
In the shadows of this sycamore tree

I will believe.


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