You who say “One cannot change”


I find myself tripping on these questions…

Is qualification simply a number between 1 and 10; a number to somehow identify a statistical worth within? As if someone can be measured by such ignorant simplicity. Are we to measure worth based on what we cannot know? To replace God with graphs and charts, and mathematical equations. Are we to measure worth based on actions done, rather than actions of the heart? I’ve noticed that a vast majority of society believes that one cannot change. I know I’ve heard it all my life, said in several different ways. Does God change? No, he doesn’t change, so by believing that humanity in all its unholiness has somehow been granted grace, without the hope to change is mind blowing ignorance. Then those who consider themselves saints have somehow reached a state of mind rather than a change of heart? Is it not both? Well then what about the Word of God? Is it nullified because one wants to believe they’ve always been what they now are? They say, ā€œI’ve always been with God, I just didn’t follow God. He gave me a new heart when I realized I was His.ā€ Well who were you before? After your change of heart, did your actions not change? Did your mind not change? Did your thoughts not change? You who say one cannot change, aren’t you indeed a product of change? You who say you were given a new heart, did your mind not change before this incredible realization? Of course it did. As believers, most of us have been through it. We come from broken places, find truth, change our minds about the lives we have lived, and then with that change of mind, we are given what is known (in The Holy Bible) as a new heart. Change is inevitable in everyone. To say one cannot change implies that Jesus is in chains, walking around without the offer and ability to help. To believe anyone cannot change, is an excuse to not change your view of who people are to you. Seek a perspective outside of yourself.

You who say one cannot change, do you not believe in Gods grace?

The one consistent thing in this life is change. The one consistent thing in eternity is God.


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