Dry Bones

A love as strong as death

The desert floors are red with dust, and my heart is fading rapidly. I can’t fully explain the pain I feel, watching what is lively become less real. Horses should run free. I look around at this beauty; It’s a beauty that mankind could never replicate. I breathe in slowly and search the ripples of these hidden lakes.

We have made a lot of mistakes.

Taking a stand and wasting land to give mankind the upper hand? Why do we travel so blind? Don’t we realize the impact we have on creation? Why can’t we progress with the animals – side by side – to enhance and preserve the purpose of life?

All I can do is cry.

Inside I’m dying and their eyes die with me. These creatures love so incessantly while dying. When did creation begin dividing against itself?

If I could just run through these open hills, if I could just drink from the streams of grace, if I could just be still without hearing the racing streets, or if I could just believe without tearing myself down, or if I could just listen without the stress of sounds… Everywhere we go we are caged by what we know. The earth is shaded, and we have become jaded with reproach. I’ve had enough of dry lakes and dry stones. I’ve had enough of dry words and dry bones. When will we leave well enough alone?

These buildings are good for nothing but vanity. It’s insanity to destroy all we are, for the temporary belief that we’ve achieved something more.

God will never be outdone. The selfish will perish, and the poor will live on.


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