A Timeless Endeavor

Packing life

When you’re asked, what do you carry?

I carry a lot of burdens that aren’t mine to carry. I carry a lot of hardships that I should have left behind. I carry memories that are better in the past. I carry perspectives; my own kind of road maps. I carry conversations beyond their destinations. I carry bags of roses to the lonely person. I carry midnight on my sleeve because sleep is hard to find. I carry more than I can bare, because I can’t be trapped by time.

I carry a song. I carry faith. I carry what is bigger than time- bigger than space. I carry rivers in my pocket that lead to a stream. I carry prayers in my stomach to keep myself at peace. I carry tears on my arm. I carry makeup in my purse. I carry loose change because I won’t ignore the hurt. I carry a ruler to set myself apart. I carry barbwire in my chest to protect my breaking heart.

I carry sunflowers to remind of the beauty in rain. I carry blame. I carry small stones. I carry The Holy Spirit so that I am never left alone. I carry bones in my back to brace me for the fall. I carry seasons in my head, and I embrace them all.

I carry colors. I carry nests. I carry treasure. I carry chests. I carry poetry. I carry leaves. I carry feathers. I carry dreams. I carry jars. I carry bugs. I carry animals. I carry hugs. I carry forests. I carry sand. I carry rivers.

I carry mountains.

I carry lovers of the wind in the whip of my hair; the lovers of life who give their breath to the air. I stare in awe at the gain of death, and I carry understanding of eternal rest. I carry love to the river where the dock meets the shore. I carry a dance to the broken, and a song to the poor. I carry faith to embrace the unknown, and I carry warmth to create a home. I carry light. I carry sight. Give me a lamp, and I’d carry the night.

I carry pain, and I carry love.

I carry broken stuff.


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