Same Thought, Same Frame – Unmaintained

Faith to Speak 

What does it take to engage in a moment?

In a moment everything could be different.
In a moment everything could be relevant.
In a moment my stare could vacate itself.

Moments are worthy of engagement but are often left unmaintained and abandoned.
What trail of thought would you fall back on? Which thought would you entertain? What if every thought was somehow the same, but perceived as though it was foreign and ashamed?

I can’t understand why you believe we are different. Are we so different, or is it the world we live in? What if the difference is the involvement of sin? See people flee from the truth of destruction because it’s named so simply as sin. It wins- the truth. You know its true, because it’s on your heart, and it’s on mine too. Is pride so swift to gain approval? When do you demand its immediate removal? So easily deferred, as prayer is so easily spoken, but we disengage in the moment.

Oh, but what if we didn’t?

What if we entertain the thought of enjoyment? What if we engage? What if we believe we are less different, and more the same?

What if we care about the power of thought? What if engagement is somehow enough?


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