Glass House

I’ve been staring through the cracks of your folly, measuring the weight in your hands. The box you’ve found yourself in is clear now, like a house made of glass in the sand. I can see the bottle overflowing, with every drink you are approaching the end. Old friend, don’t you feel yourself drowning? The... Continue Reading →

A leap of Faith

Well it’s official! My husband and I are moving out of the city and into a tiny town. We will be surrounded by mountains instead of buildings, rivers instead of traffic, and trees instead of lamp stands. In addition to the move we are also expecting another addition to our family, making four of us!... Continue Reading →

And Life

Ocean eyes Mountains white My delight is in your side... Pierced and then forgotten. Only for a moment in your pain, You withdrew within You, because You are two... Or three in One. If I'm a daughter, you're a son If I'm a breath, you're a light If I'm a light then you're a tree,... Continue Reading →

Say what?

For those of you who don't know, I am a follower of Christ. I've sucked at following Him as of late. Not that I've been sinning on purpose or anything of the sort, but I really haven't been trusting Him much. I decided literally two seconds after writing my last post, Big City... Tiny Town,... Continue Reading →

Big City… Tiny Town

Are you a city dweller? Have you lived in the city your whole life? I have.  You ever imagine what it would be like to jump ship? To run away, find a small town, and do everything you can to make a big difference? To move somewhere beautiful where you can venture into the great... Continue Reading →

Brilliantly Off Cue

Install internal headphones if you have to and drown out the voices of defeat. The devils that say "you'll never make it, with your expertise you won't go far" or to my continual dismay, "you know you won't be able to handle it so why even try?" Those limitations need to take a hike. I... Continue Reading →

Mix up The Mix of Things

When my daughter was two-years-old we watched the movie, The Good Dinosaur, on more occasions than I can recall. Sitting through a movie with a two-year-old may not seem like an elite task, but I noticed something about my daughter that I had never noticed before. She was laughing! When I say that though, I mean... Continue Reading →


Taken is a TV series educating people about the missing and murdered women of Canada. The series serves to change the statistics, support the families and honor the victims. Their website offers resources to women in hopes to protect potential victims. Those who are involved have taken a stand to make a change. It starts... Continue Reading →

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