Everyone Has a story. This is mine.

This picture is pure FREEDOM. Except it's not because my life is just not THAT perfect. In fact, if you knew my story you would know my life isn't perfect at all. It's not even that "Wow... I know no one's life is perfect, but I would love to be as happy as her" kind of... Continue Reading →

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Here Comes The Bride

Memory is exhausting and uncertain, Still divine certainty comes with waves of regret, And yet we will fall Into white lace, White because pure, Off-white because of regret And it's one more memory that holds us hostage. Where were we when the world quit spinning? When minds transformed, Seeking above rather than below, And how... Continue Reading →

When I Fall, Don’t You Know?

My knees will catch me That grueling moment when you've been seen by many and not a single person sees that you're bleeding. That moment when everything is on the up, up, up But you can't stand And no one understands. This wasn't the way you planned to go, But what they don't know won't... Continue Reading →

This Puzzle Bridge…

I had intended to return to my blog a week after my trip and write about my experiences in Canada. I planned to go into detail about the scenery and all the outdoor beauty. Instead, I found myself pondering life on a new level early this morning. Something in my world has shifted and I've... Continue Reading →

Progress, Not Perfection

Wake up in your pain, Alert Your eyes to see and don't fall asleep Some will fall too soon, And too soon they'll be needed When there is not enough time, Never Enough time because time is illusive Capturing sleepwalkers in their distress Testing their obedience it strangles them, Pulsing Pain waves through quiet blood,... Continue Reading →

A Collector of Good Things

Strange Griffin Griffin is an interesting fellow. I met him one evening at a local Burgerville, where people come to eat fast and leave fast. It's been a long time since I met Griffin. He doesn't leave my mind for more than a couple months at a time. He is the real deal; A collector... Continue Reading →

Wilting Flowers Speak

Hush child, the leaves fall correctly Who are you to question there legitimacy? But who are you? A child says Isn't it God who named them? Sin we will and sin we do And who are you? You who say they fall correctly Do you question intentionality? Do you wait for God to speak? Do you... Continue Reading →


I am about to go into detail about a messy and very personal life experience. Just a heads up to anyone who might happen upon my post. Writing is my outlet, and today, I need my outlet. We all know people who are sleepwalkers. People who's eyes are wide open, alert and ready for business, always... Continue Reading →


A Search Within (AKA... a rant) Why do I feel drawn to something more then is said to exist? I know I'm not from here. The world is not my home. I know God is with me and I know I'm not alone, yet I can't shake the loneliness. Everyone searches for something bigger or... Continue Reading →

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